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QAU to host int’l moot for promoting social sciences in country

ISLAMABAD – Quaid-i-Azam University will host a three-day international conference on ‘Emerging Issues of Social Sciences’ on April 27 in collaboration with Higher Education Commission (HEC), American Institute of Pakistan Studies (AIPS), Council of Social Sciences (COSS), National Testing Services, Inter-Universities Consortium for the Promotion of Social Scien
ces and Humanities in Pakistan, and Committee for the promotion of Social Sciences and Humanities.

Social scientists from all over the country and abroad will gather and address emerging challenges facing Pakistan under thematic areas of sustainable human development, the internal and external challenges to Pakistan, cultural diversity, human rights and civil society and the role of media.

The objective of the conference is to promote social sciences in Pakistan especially highlighting the research conducted by the local and foreign scholars on various issues of economy, state and society in Pakistan. The conference will also helpful in providing guidelines and suggestions to the policy making sector so to help them to take country out of the current quagmire that has badly afflicted it at this critical juncture.Dr Razia Sultana, Chairperson Department of History (QAU) and Conference Secretary said the Initiative is an outstanding and timely effort to bring together scholars on a common platform to share their researches on various issues related Pakistan at this crucial time when the country is faced with political, social and economic challenges and also had to grapple with issues like terrorism.

and extremism. She said, by holding this conference an effort is made to come forth with solutions that could help Pakistan out of the current crisis and to facilitate it moving in the right direction.

“Interestingly, social science is the science of the society which means that inherently it has to deal with the kind of challenges and issues which the society faces and that will make the core of deliberations of social scientists. The issues of security, terrorism, militancy, religious extremism, political crisis, institutional decay, and rule of law, challenges of foreign policy and the role of civil society are some of the key issues which are acute in Pakistan and the need of the hour is to address and deliberate on such issues and come forth with tangible short and long term remedies. Pakistan has a vibrant community of scholars representing various disciplines of Social Sciences including foreign scholars who are focusing on key issues related to Pakistan,” said Dr Razia Sultana.

The conference secretary said that the organising committee has received an overwhelming response from national and international scholars for participation in the conference, around 80 abstracts have been received out of which 40 are selected for presentation in various thematic sessions of the conference. The Conference has been arranged into four Plenary and several Technical sessions which has a lot of room for policy makers and other related quarters to contribute their insight and join hands with scholars serving the interest of the country through productive and creative responses at this critical time of its history “We welcome scholars, practitioners, technocrats and interested parliamentarians to participate in the conference by confirming their consent to the organizing committee (eiossop@qau.edu.pk)at their earliest possible convenience” she added.