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A Student from Chitral will represent Pakistan in Intel Science and Engineering Fair (USA)

Musa Rahim Khan, a student from Chitral is going to represent the country in the prestigious Intel Science and Engineering Fair in the United States. His project ‘Water and Heat Detector’, presented at Allama Iqbal Open University’s science competition has won a grand winning prize and Rahim will exhibit his project in Pittsburgh, a city famous for technology and robotics science in the state of Pennsylvania.

Rahim is one of the five contenders who will participate in the upcoming science fair, famously known as the Olympics of science competition where students from more than 65 countries compete for millions in scholarships and educational grants.

Others participants to accompany Rahim to the United States are: Shiza Ghulab, Mahnoor Hassan, Bushra Shahed and Syed Shazad Hussain. Rahim won the prize for his individual project and he attributes his success to his Science teacher, Mr. Ajmal.

Rahim is a student of Aga Khan Higher Secondary School, Chitral. He was excited to tell the Dardistan Times about his achievement.

“I am thrilled to know that I am going to represent my country in Pittsburgh. It is obviously a great honour for me. Participating in this prestigious science fair in Pittsburgh means a lot to me— I will get a great deal of inspiration, if not a grand prize there. Honestly, I almost broke out into tears upon my selection.” Rahim said.

In an area with desolate educational facilities and dismal economic conditions, Rahim rises as a beacon of hope in Chitral.
Chitral is a remote tourist destination in Pakistan, constituting the largest district of the KP province. Reports indicate that almost 99% kids enrolled in schools here but the drop out ratio has been witnessed alarmingly high.
Source: http://dardistantimes.com/